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  Sound bank doesn`t work  joaopcosta85 at 15:44 on 15 August 2010

Hi, I´ve been trying to use your sound bank feature with no success. It is written "click and drag", but when I do click and drag on the lines nothing happens, and if I click only (no drag) it says "Loading sound. Please wait..." for a sec and then nothing happens...

In case you´re wondering my speakers are on and I've tried both on internet explorer and firefox, and both browsers do this.

Also I can only see a cut section of the 10 lines (can´t see bass or treble clef). Is this normal?

Am I doing something wrong? this seems quite strange to me. You don't need full membership to access this feature do you?

Thanks and great job on the site!

  Re: Sound bank doesn`t work  kryolite0 at 15:22 on 17 October 2010

That's weird because of it's sound.

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