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  Studying film scoring and composing for media.  darkneutron2010 at 17:54 on 14 August 2010

Hello! Do you know schools in Europe, where i can study
film scoring or/and composing for media as a bachelor degree?
(it'd be specially helpful if you can name schools that are in Scandinavia)


  Re: Studying film scoring and composing for media.  steinikr at 09:09 on 23 August 2010

I'm also very interested in this subject and would be pleased to find any schools teaching this subjects in Scandinavia.

I've looked into many music schools in and around Denmark and many of those are conservatoires with extra emphasis on performance, rather than composition. I think there are more opportunites in Britain or mainland Europe rather than Scandinavia.

Hoping for a response.


  Re: Studying film scoring and composing for media.  Hugh Boyle at 22:51 on 23 August 2010

Try this forum

It is much more active and there seems to be a good proportion of the composers on there that are into that sort of thing so you night get a knowledgeable answer if you post there.

All the best

  Re: Studying film scoring and composing for media.  clark321 at 21:28 on 05 November 2011

If I were 30 years younger, how I wish I could learn the art of film scoring. I think all those expressing interest should follow their passion. I'm a huge movie buff, and there is no better moment then when the pictures on the screen and the sound out of the flat speakers combine to make a magical concoction that satisfies the senses. Can you imagine film without a score? I sure can't.

Good luck.

  Re: Studying film scoring and composing for media.  Baltakas at 10:33 on 19 June 2015

I will start a new class at the Maastricht Academy of Music in september (
The school is internationally renowned: currently 442 students of around forty-eight different nationalities study in Maastricht and english is the common language. The Academy of Music offers both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees.
Please spread the word among potential students!

Despite expiration of the deadline for general registration, the registration for composition students is still possible. The entrance examination will take place during the last week of august. Register for a Bachelor’s or Master’s programme via Studielink:
More info: