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  Ligeti at the Proms  MartinY at 16:39 on 25 July 2010

For UK people there is a prom broadcast on the radio only on Wednesday 11th August which has two Ligeti pieces in the program. I suppose internationally anyone anywhere in the world can pick these broadcasts up on Listen Again on the BBC’s website? One is the famous Lux Aeterna. There is also played the Music of the Spheres by Langgaard (1916-18) of which there are MP3 files at:

This is currently a totally unknown quantity to me. As far as unknowns go I see there is music from that period by John Foulds in the proms. I am being a bit lazy here asking rather than going to a decent CD library but does anyone know anything about John Foulds’ music? Also the music of Josef Holbrooke. I was talking to someone who liked greatly the British music of this period but could never get around the music of Holbrooke. Sorry to have got off the subject of Ligeti.