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  Decoding the Circle of Vths. Mode naming opportunity  arieljramos at 16:08 on 25 April 2010

Hi everyone,

I've been working on a new concept to reinterpret the circle of Vths using a graphical approach and found some interesting properties, like all possible limited-mode structures and such.

I designed an online tool, that is of free access to anyone interested in using it. In this tool I included a database with common names of known and most often used structures but I'm still missing a few names I haven't found anywhere. They are 2 modes of the Raga Hamsanandi, Puriya (India) [which is also a mode of the Blues Scale]

If you think you know the names for this modes (or you want to suggest one) please let me know.

Here's a link for the tool (it is free and everybody is welcome to use it)