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  20th century music is not contempory music  MartinY at 11:37 on 24 April 2010

I have just had great difficulty in persuading a group of amateur and semi-professional players to play Bartok and Piazolla, which I am afraid was the nearest I could get to contemporary music. Eventually it was accepted that Bartok's Roumanian Dances were playable and that both the Bartok and Piazolla were actually full of great tunes.

However it struck me that what the general population regard as modern music is actually a hundred years old, as are many of the innovative pieces of Schoenberg and Stravinsky. Not a new thought but there it is.

I have an album of microtonal viol music in my CD player so I have something totally new to hear. I have not done as much original work as I would have liked but I have been applying some of my theories on the computer and it has produced some very bad music, which will remain hidden away! However there are some good bits so I must work out what is happening and learn from it.

It was an art critic who said something like originality is now so important that it does not matter for success if you are producing bad art as long as it is totally different from everyone else's bad art.

I have some unintended microtonality because some of the strings on the fretted instruments are worn out. I do not think I have ever learned much from worn out strings other than one ought to spend more time and money on strings though.........