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  Greetings, fellow composers!  Miguel del Aguila at 22:33 on 23 April 2010

I just found this site, seems like a great place to stay in touch and exchange ideas and info.

  Re: Greetings, fellow composers!  Johnny26 at 01:42 on 07 July 2010

Yes and this is a great way to showcase our talents.

  Re: Greetings, fellow composers!  vincentlaeven at 17:27 on 08 August 2010

Hello all,
I am new here too.
This is vincent from India.
I am a fan of A.R.REHMAN

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  Re: Greetings, fellow composers!  Misuc at 12:57 on 09 August 2010

For composers, this site is a a useful way of displaying extracts of your work, and a rather expensive way of getting information about prizes etc. For financial service operators [who are also evidently allowed to join] it is a potential means of generating some profitable business

It is also the private blog of a number of members, which the rest of us have to pay for, but are not allowed to participate in.


PS What is an advert for fitness-training doing on the pages of a composition site

  Re: Greetings, fellow composers!  Misuc at 13:05 on 09 August 2010

Please! Take your marketing blog somewhere else, Tracy.
Your health advert is less offensive but just as irrelevant

  Re: Greetings, fellow composers!  melvinjones96 at 02:41 on 22 September 2010

Hey guys,
My name is Melvin Jones,
I join this forum because I like music and I always get many information about music.I am a fan of Anu Malik.
He is a best composer and singer in music industry.
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  Re: Greetings, fellow composers!  Misuc at 13:53 on 22 September 2010

If you like music, then listen to it, write it, write bout it - whatever you like, but keep your commercial adverts off this site. It is an abuse of your fellow-music-lovers. If we want a cure for migraine, we have ways of finding them. We still have something left of a National Health Service in this country. We don't have to pay scroungers and parasites for our medicines

  Re: Greetings, fellow composers!  rikonsmith at 07:51 on 01 October 2010

i like music, specially Indian classical music.
i love to listen music while working.
i am new here too.
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  Re: Greetings, fellow composers!  markalexis at 07:50 on 09 November 2010

i love listening and playing the guitar. but i find it hard to write/compose on my own. but i can very much jam with good music. im also interested in learning to play some wind instruments.

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  Re: Greetings, fellow composers!  Misuc at 08:35 on 09 November 2010

No thank you. please get off our list.
We don't want your kitchen appliances. Go and stick them up your XXXXX!