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  Travelling with musical instruments.......  MartinY at 18:20 on 16 April 2010

Not exactly composition but a lot of us are players as well so it is slightly relevant. It is going to be a nightmare travelling with a 'cello or any big instrument on a train anywhere in northern europe this weekend, due to all the planes being grounded. It is bad enough trying to take a 'cello on a train on a normal day.

However I was reminded of a story when some friends were travelling to one of Eric Fenby's summer schools in Bridlington by train many many years ago.... The ticket inspector said you need a ticket for that big box. Fine. What is it? It is a harpsichord. Hmmm. I do not think I have got a harpsichord ticket. (Has a look.) No it will have to be a harp, I have a ticket for a harp, that is 3 shillings and sixpence. 30 years on the b****y railway and I have never sold a harp ticket before.....

(At that time they had special tickets for dogs, 'cellos etc).

  Re: Travelling with musical instruments.......  MartinY at 08:40 on 18 April 2010

I have just realised that this travel disruption may be enough to send some musical operations into liquidation if audiences and performers cannot get to the venues of expensively organised musical functions. I suppose music is only a small thing compared to the awfulness unfolding for some people, but it could be enough to tip fragile finances over the edge.