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  Police called because concert was contemporary music!  MartinY at 08:29 on 11 December 2009

Have people seen the story of the police being called to a jazz festival because the music being played by Larry Ochs was Contemporary Music not Jazz and a member of the audience wanted his money back under trade description grounds. The man said his doctor had advised him not to listen to contemporary music for medical reasons, (what can they be). The gun-toting Civil Guard came and agreed the music was not Jazz, (we do not see police with guns in the UK much other than at Heathrow). A judge will have to pronounce on what should have been advertised for the concert......

On a more serious note I do know several people whose hearing aids interact very badly with high and loud noises so they have to be very careful what music they can go to. High percussion and piccolos can cause migranes.