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  Amateur Chamber Music  MartinY at 11:03 on 02 October 2009

Here is an aside from my experience at this year's summer schools etc......

I have found my own music is too hard for most of the players, wheras I thought it was just challenging..... I have had the idea (not my own) that Beethoven's Op. 18 quartets represent a kind of middling difficulty and music for playing in the home should be distributed about this as a mean.

Anything below the mean should not use much in terms of new techniques and could almost follow what has been learned in the grade exams, though that is horribly presciptive. Above the mean anything goes eventually.

However I have found that playing with the most able and accurate players and the computer providing the missing bits worked much better than I expected. You have to make a special computer file for playing with from a normal score, and the dynamics have to be compressed, but this does not take too long. I am going to experiment using scordatura real instruments and equal temperament standard stuff coming out of the computer.

Another of my attempts to solve problems was to make more scores than usual, but scores give more visual clutter and to some extent stop people listening and counting and interacting with the music. Surprisingly some people played much much better with a part and no distraction.