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  Ted Hearne wins the Gaudeamus  CT News at 08:50 on 17 September 2009

US composer Ted Hearne has won the 2009 Gaudeamus prize for his 'Katrina Ballads', performed on September 10, 2009 at the Conservatory of Amsterdam by `the ereprijs with Wim Boerman conducting. Hearne himself was vocal soloist in this piece.

This prize is 4,550 and is meant for writing a new composition to be performed in the Gaudeamus Music Week 2010.

  Re: Ted Hearne wins the Gaudeamus  scott_good at 03:09 on 18 September 2009

I went to his website - there are lots of samples from this piece.

Another example of how influential "Band on a Can" has been in the world of contemporary music. And although I have felt skeptical of many of "their" outputs, this piece does seem really good - fresh and engaging - the jazz elements seem well fitting, with some depth in harmony, counterpoint, and vocal writing. I am keen to hear the entire piece.

Speaking of B.o.a.C., Did anyone hear the David Lang piece "Little Matchstick Girl" that won the Pulitzer? I certainly didn't hate the piece - it's fine - but winning this competition? Hummmm.....didn't think that highly of it.

You can hear it in full at the Carnegie Hall site.

  Re: Ted Hearne wins the Gaudeamus  David Bruce at 11:59 on 22 September 2009

I saw an excerpt of it at NYC Opera's VOX earlier this year. There were some blistering performances of a couple of the numbers and though I usually hate political music I thought he got his digs at Bush and the media in with great wit and effectiveness. The truimphant Gospel song with the singer belting out an ecstatic 'George Bush doesn't care about black people' was somehow deeply cutting, poignant and funny all in one. It was definitely an achievement.

  Re: Ted Hearne wins the Gaudeamus  David Bruce at 12:46 on 21 October 2009

I'm pleased to say Ted has agreed to give CT an interview: which includes an excerpt from his Katrina Ballads