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  Clarinets .... Two Clarinets .. or ??  KPL at 21:16 on 02 September 2009

If my clarinet concerto (in the final stages of completion) requires the soloist to play Clarinet and Bass Clarinet in turn, would calling it "Concerto for Clarinets" - (plural), be misleading or in any way inappropriate?

I'd be glad to have views on this.

Keith Perreur-Lloyd.
My website all my finished concertos streamed at
When I have finished the clarinet work, I will add it to my music.


  Re: Clarinets .... Two Clarinets .. or ??  IanTipping at 15:49 on 03 September 2009

Call it a concerto for CLARINETTIST and Orchestra - avoid the problem!!!

  Re: Clarinets .... Two Clarinets .. or ??  KPL at 21:36 on 03 September 2009

It was going to be called - Concerto for Clarinet and Children - so this might mean a change then to Concerto for Clarinetist and Children.

Which I'll use then unless I hear any better offers !!

  Re: Clarinets .... Two Clarinets .. or ??  scott_good at 18:26 on 04 September 2009


i like concerto for clarinetist!

what i did for my sax concerto (which doubles on all 4 major saxes), is call it concerto for saxophone(s). but, i'm not sure it was the best choice - a bit ambiguous.