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  What is the forum for???  MartinY at 09:39 on 02 September 2009

This may be a goodbye message as I am thinking of not renewing....

I see contemporary music as music being music written today for today's purposes, and these hardly include concert music, or university music for small elite concerts, as far as I am concerned. There are lots of kinds of music, music for weddings and funerals, background music for lone listening, background music for banquets, music to play in the car travelling, most of all: music to play for the fun of playing it, music which you hate but have to play for money, music which the composer has written to show off, music for pedagogical purposes, music which you would love to play but will never be able to, music which can only be played by computers, music which has a polemical agenda..... etc. etc...

Much of the discussion seems to skirt round without addressing both aesthetic and practical problems, and there is a lot of hot air wasted on arguments between new music and neo / post this and that. I do believe that the neo / post crowd have some real arguments but most of that music being written now certainly shows up an incredible lack of invention compared with the 19th / early 20th century real thing. That is part of the reason I raised the point about the fake Vermeers. If you are going to fake Rachmaninov it helps if it is as good as real Rachmaninov! Probably a tall order.

I have come home a little downhearted this summer as the easy music I wrote was not easy enough and the neo music I heard was so bad it made me wonder if the people who write nothing and only edit other peoples music have it right! No!!! that would be the end of creativity. Editing does not even meet the threshold of originality to give any intellectual property rights.

Finish positive, I wrote a new 100+ bar piece to play with my wife yesterday. It is a terrible mixture of old and new and even includes a 4+4+4+4 tune, don't know how that came out, though it also has a strange kind of unity..... great.