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  Useful websites ( for contemporary composers)  ruska02 at 01:35 on 19 August 2009

The recent posts haves made me realize how a consistent amount of CT associates is intelligent, devoted and passionate about real classical contemporary music, while few others are still in need of some "artistic and spiritual help". For the benefit of everybody but for the safe use of the real creative and challenging ones I think it could be useful each ones of us post the very best articles and website which have HIGH END information about techniques and advance techniques (the ones we were discussing in the previous post for example). I invite everybody to post his best in a real sharing knowledge attitude for the free development and improvement of our Beloved Lady Euterpe.

Here is my first one

All the ebst

Roberto David Rusconi Composer

  Re: Useful websites ( for contemporary composers)  scott_good at 04:10 on 19 August 2009

Great idea!

Here is one I stumbled across recently looking for an accurate notation for a particular harp technique.

It is a guide to a composers work for harp (Bernard Andrès), but after reading, has me looking forward to the next time I can meet with a harpist, and go over these special techniques.

  Re: Useful websites ( for contemporary composers)  ruska02 at 06:31 on 19 August 2009

Excellent Scott I did not have that one, very good indeed.

Here is my second one about subharmonics technique for violin by an absolute master Mdme Marikimura