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  A Solo Guitar Project  MartinY at 16:24 on 22 July 2009

I have started a demonstrator project on lulu. So far there are 7 pages, unfortunately all my work, 4 pages of typesetting, two of handwritten manuscript. (We do not want to discriminate against people without expensive computer programs.) I have made an arbitary, changeable, cover design using a couple of holiday snaps. Does anyone fancy themselves as a graphic designer? Look at:

Under An Anthology of New Solo Guitar Music there is a little picture to the left of Download for Free. Double left click this picture and you should get the 7 pages of pdf in your browser.

There are allsorts of issues to be decided such as design, what creative commons license to use etc..... but the practical point is that you would get page numbers from me, send me your pdf and I upload it and the file is immediately updated. When Faber and Faber decide to publish you I delete it and fill the same page numbers with something else.........

I am martin.grayson on gmail.....

  Re: A Solo Guitar Project  scott_good at 19:44 on 22 July 2009


I don't write for guitar, though. Or, not yet.

I hope this gets some feedback - interesting experiment.

If you had one for trombone, I'd be trolling for rep!

  Re: A Solo Guitar Project  MartinY at 07:45 on 23 July 2009

It could be done for any instrumental ensemble but you really need about 6 different composers and 16 pages or more to make it viable. If the ensemble changes too much from piece to piece players will not be interested in buying a book for just their 3 pages.

I thought about starting with string quartet but once the pieces are longer than 30 bars you need parts and have to have 5 different books for 4 instrument pieces.

One possibility is to put 4, 5 and 6 part pieces in the same publication, have 5 core books and put all the ancillary material in a free download file so that you have 5 neat books and a pile of dogeared photocopies to look after. If you are into the dog eared photocopy world you might as well put everything on the free download websites and the players will have as big a mess as I have to look after.

Maybe a book of trombone ensemble pieces made of old public domain pieces arranged (e.g. 3 part motets for 2 tenors and bass) spiced up with a couple of contemporary pieces would work?

  Re: A Solo Guitar Project  iman2919 at 17:06 on 23 July 2009

This is a very interesting project.

I don't have anything for guitar either. Neither for Trombone!
But why not make a little mailing list of all the composers who are interested in contributing. Then send a mass e-mail when a new project is on the way.

If you are short of guitar music I know a composer here who writes tons for guitar. maybe send me an e-mail.

  Re: A Solo Guitar Project  MartinY at 09:34 on 24 July 2009

The reason I chose to start with solo guitar is that it is clearly only one book. I got away with only one book for my early music viol consort book because the pieces tend to be short and uncomplicated and even if the score is too big it can be split into only 2 parts.

String quartets will always need 5 books, the part books and a fat score book, which might as well be a hardback book (price?). I spent an hour trying to find a way of splitting my 5 page string quartet into a split score over 4 pages but it was hopeless and I think this will apply to most pieces, especially as A4 is rather small format for music.

I can't see us all having electronic music stands for a while yet though. Has anyone any experience of using them yet?

  Re: A Solo Guitar Project  MartinY at 10:15 on 17 August 2009

How to publish a string quartet in 1 book

I thought I would give an update of how I progressed making books for the summer school next week. I completed all the 4 part material but the book which was to be 4 / 5 / 6 plus is in the form of soon to be dog-eared A4 double sided prints in old envelopes. That will be fine and afterwards it will become proper books with a bit more attention.

However I had a brainwave about how you could publish a string quartet in 1 book on a internet print site...... It goes in a booklet with staples and the score is the core book say 32 pages printed so that it sits against the cover. The middle of the book is the parts grouped in 4 page lots. The players then pull out the parts from the middle, push the staples back and there is a nice printed score and a set of separable parts.

I suppose you would need a legal warning... please take care of your fingers separating the parts.... staples are metal...