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  Piano Concertos  iman2919 at 06:22 on 16 July 2009

Hi there,
I'm looking for some contemporary/modern piano concertos to study. Mostly looking for ones with interesting orchestration. Would appreciate suggestions/recommendations.

  Re: Piano Concertos  piargno at 08:14 on 16 July 2009

Do you want specifically pieces that are concerti? Or do you want pieces for solo piano and orchestra that are brilliant? For concerti, orchestration-wise, Adam's Piano Rolls is marvelous, Berio's concerto for 2 pianos is absolutely flawless, Roger Sessions's piano concerto has some of the best handling of melody in any composition I've heard, and you can't go wrong to study the quirks in the Schoenberg concerto, even though I don't think it's particularly good piano writing (orchestration is great). Also, Magnus Lindberg's Piano Concerto is wonderful. Pieces for piano and orchestra, and pieces that have killer piano parts include Messaien's Oiseaux Exotique, Xenakis's Synaphai, Stockhausen's Gruppen, and Ives's 4th Symphony.

Good luck!

  Re: Piano Concertos  Team Gaughan at 08:29 on 16 July 2009

I would add the Ligeti Piano Concerto as well as James MacMillan 'The Beserking' for piano and orchestra.

  Re: Piano Concertos  iman2919 at 16:14 on 16 July 2009

I think any piece for piano and orchestra, in which piano has significant presence could work.
I can't say that I've heard many of those pieces, other than Ligeti, Adams, Schoenberg, and of course Ives' 4th Symphony! I'm more interested in seeing the interaction between piano and orchestra and how it is orchestrally treated. I'm a pianist and writing a pianistic solo part is no problem for me.

  Re: Piano Concertos  Misuc at 18:22 on 16 July 2009

...and especially the Elliot Carter concerto: the true successor to Schoenberg's. Thay're both just wonderful!

  Re: Piano Concertos  Team Gaughan at 09:47 on 17 July 2009

yes the Schoenberg and Carter are marvellous, I am also a fan of the Carter double for Harpsichord and Piano with two different ensembles, fantastic piece.
Also the Harrison Birtwistle 'Antiphonies' for piano and orchestra- he plays games with the piano and the orchestra- sometimes the piano tries to create orchestral sounds while the orchestra takes on the characteristics of a giant piano, very beautiful in places.
But one piano concerto that inspired me (apart from Beethoven 4 with the b major opening in a g major work and the amazing slow movement) is Clara Schumanns, the slow movement of which is for solo cello and piano.

  Re: Piano Concertos  iman2919 at 17:03 on 18 July 2009

Thanks. I will check those out too!
I just listened to James Macmillan's Berserking and Piano concerto no.2 also. Very interesting works. I wonder how you would describe them stylistically! There seems to be influences of all sorts of styles in it. And at times it is very post-modern.

  Re: Piano Concertos  piargno at 19:01 on 19 July 2009

Excellent listens.

I can't believe I forgot to write Ives's Emerson Concerto!! This one is especially monstrous, and him recycling themes from the Concord Sonata is really excellent.