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  Rufus Wainwright new opera  Team Gaughan at 12:48 on 08 July 2009

Hi folks,

I was reading about Rufus Wainwright (the folk singer) writing a new opera called 'Prima Donna' for the Met and then for Manchester in the UK. This of course follows on from Asain Dub Foundation and Damion Alburn from Blur writing operas for ENO & Covent Garden as well as the likes of Paul McCartney writing classical music.

Guess my own thoughts are why? Maybe so new music isnt at all challenging? Maybe to make it cool, maybe to involve young people which is in itself no bad thing.

Maybe it will make opera popular, or is it dumbing down the art form?

After all if they had given me the cash I would have jumped at the chance.

So what do you all think?

  Re: Rufus Wainwright new opera  scott_good at 18:22 on 08 July 2009

Sounds fine to me. He is a descent song writer, and classically trained.

What is so smart about the opera genre anyways!?! Lot's of fluff already in the mix.

  Re: Rufus Wainwright new opera  nickscott at 12:55 on 11 July 2009

Damin Alburn and Paul McCartney's attempts at "classical" music are rubbish, so to hear this mentioned in comparison to those send shivers down my spine. Still, got to give it a chance. Can't judge your chickens before they've hatched...or something...