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  Listen - The New Classical Music Magazine  CT News at 02:25 on 14 April 2009

Listen: Life with classical music is the first general interest magazine to be published in the US since Musical America went out of print in 1992. Founded by Eric Feidner of ArkivMusic, the magazine faces some steep competition.

Read on:
New magazine takes on foreign rivals in a niche market

Get the magazine:

Listen Magazine Subscription

  Re: Listen - The New Classical Music Magazine  Misuc at 09:58 on 22 April 2009

I'm afraid I couldn't get the news item from the link. But I did find out along the way something even more important than the birth of another new music publicity/chat magazine - the state of Colorado might be giving up the death penalty. The news that some of USA is hesitatingly beginning partially to move into the 20th century gives some hope to the rest of the planet [lol]

  Re: Listen - The New Classical Music Magazine  ted90 at 14:32 on 19 July 2016

a very useful and interesting site, be sure to add it to your favorites!