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  Strange Listening  Hugh Boyle at 00:05 on 23 March 2009

Anyone else enjoy the peculiarity of listening to two different pieces of music at the same time? I often do this on myspace by playing two different pieces by different artists simultaneously which often yeilds fascinating sound worlds.

An example, if you are interested, would be to listen to ‘a’ by Dan Thorne and ‘Danza from Afro Cuban Concerto’ by Pro Arte Collective (Some adjustment might be needed on the volume to get a satisfactory blend). This particular combination reminds me a little of Mark Anthony Turnage.


  Re: Strange Listening  MartinY at 09:03 on 23 March 2009

Glen Gould used to habitually listen to a music radio station and a words station at the same time. I have only heard of people listening to two music stations together by accident as in Charles Ives.....

I understand Milhaud wrote two string quartets which can be played together as an octet but of course this is a cheat as you would compose such a piece with an 8 line score.......

  Re: Strange Listening  Gary Green at 18:59 on 23 March 2009

I've tried this as well - happened on it by accident when I open a couple of tabs on a music site and forget to switch one track off - tends to work better if one of the pieces doesn't have an obvious beat. Can sometimes get really great combinations and it's fun trying. Puts a new spin on the pieces. I suppose it's like the DJs doing mashups.