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  Showcase page MP3s  CT News at 19:48 on 18 March 2009

We're pleased to announce that you can now upload unlimited* numbers of MP3s to your showcase page, and the maximum file size has increased to a substantial 100Mb.

(*) Obviously, there might be a limit at some point, but providing we don't suddenly get everyone uploading 20 different versions of their week long opera, we should be able to cope with anything most composers would want to upload as examples of their own work.

  Re: Showcase page MP3s  David Bruce at 15:53 on 19 March 2009

We've also now improved the video section of the site, so you can add specific videos to a composers page (eg your own page) - and we now accept videos from both youtube and vimeo (vimeo is great for higher quality audio). For composer who have a showcase page you can upload videos and then 'connect' them to the relevant piece in your list of works. The videos will then appear along with any MP3s you have on the sound samples page.

  Re: Showcase page MP3s  Gary Green at 19:33 on 19 March 2009

Good news about the uploads inc. the videos, David. Something for you to tick off the to do list. Thanks for listening. What's next on the list?

  Re: Showcase page MP3s  David Bruce at 19:34 on 19 March 2009

Hoping to add the facility to upload and browse scores soon.
Any requests?