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  Courses/Seminars/Symposiums/Conferences  Hugh Boyle at 11:31 on 09 March 2009

Hey All,

Does anyone know of any composition-based short courses/conferences etc on during the summer which might be of interest?


  Re: Courses/Seminars/Symposiums/Conferences  piargno at 17:41 on 09 March 2009

Here's a list for you. Unfortunately, most of these have very early application due dates.

1) Dartington - http://www.dartington.org/summer-school
2) Ostrava Days - http://www.ocnmh.cz/s_i.php?a=400 (Bienniel)
3) MusicX - http://www.ccm.uc.edu/musicx/index.html (YOU CAN STILL MAKE THIS ONE!! HURRY!)
4) ISAM - http://www.michelstadt.de/ISAM.593.0.html (YOU CAN STILL MAKE IT!))
5) Soundscape Pavia - http://www.soundscape-pavia.com/

The States:
1) Tanglewood - http://www.dartington.org/summer-school
2) Aspen - http://www.aspenmusicfestival.com/index.cfm?&swf_plugin=0,0,0
3) Brevard - http://www.brevardmusic.org/
4) Bowdoin - http://www.summermusic.org/
5) Wintergreen - http://www.wintergreenperformingarts.org/
6) Bang-on-a-Can - http://www.bangonacan.org/
7) Norfolk Chamber Music Festival - http://www.yale.edu/norfolk/
8) SICPP - http://sicpp.org/ (YOU CAN STILL MAKE THIS ONE!!!)
9) Atlantic Center for the Arts - http://www.atlanticcenterforthearts.org/ (YOU CAN STILL MAKE THIS!!!)

And if you're a performer, you should highly consider the Apple Hill Chamber Music Summer Festival:


You're practically guaranteed acceptance here.

Good luck, hope it helps!

  Re: Courses/Seminars/Symposiums/Conferences  Hugh Boyle at 19:49 on 09 March 2009

That's great.

I'll keep them in mind.