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  Where/with whom to do an MA in London?  mattratcliffe81 at 12:17 on 13 February 2009

Hi everybody,
I'm thinking of doing an MA in London. At the moment I'm thinking Royal Academy or Royal College or possibly Guildhall. To help me with my decision I would like to hear from people who have done an MA in composition in London how they went about it - where did you study? With whom? What did you like about the course? What did you feel about the opportunities you were presented with - did they help you to further your career as a composer? Also how did you manage financially - did you get funding, if so from where?

I would be very grateful for your comments,


  Re: Where/with whom to do an MA in London?  Hugh Boyle at 22:50 on 15 February 2009

I didn't study in London but regards the funding; if you wish to enrol in the next academic year 09/10 you need to apply to get funding sorted really soon, especially if you are going to apply for funding from the university or DEL. Also, you need to state your intention to apply to the course director first (especially if it is an institution you did not previously attend) so you really need to get moving.

If your seeking private funding then check out the funding wizard at the following website.

All the best.

  Re: Where/with whom to do an MA in London?  dmthorne at 11:41 on 22 March 2009

Just a bump for this topic - I am also looking at Masters courses in London and the greater UK, and would like to hear what people think. I've been looking RAM and RCM, but am also interested in what people have to say about Trinity. It appears that RNCM is starting up a Masters course too.