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  Composers` meetings in London (UK)  mattratcliffe81 at 15:29 on 01 February 2009

Hi there everyone, an idea...

For those of us composers who are not currently affliliated to a particular institution and/or are relatively new to London (I fall into both categories) it can be difficult to build up a context in which one can showcase one's work and communicate with other musicians. Networking on the internet on sites like Myspace is very useful but ultimately cannot (and in my view, should not) replace networking in the real world.

I would like to organise meetings where composers can bring their scores and/or recordings and show them to each other and discuss their work.
Maybe once a month? Unfortunately my home situation is such that I would not be able to host them, so if anybody thinks they could take this on or knows of anyone who might be able to, do let me know!


  Re: Composers` meetings in London (UK)  Misuc at 13:55 on 02 February 2009

I would be more than happy to do this. Although I am ancient and have lived in London for some centuries I am out of touch with fellow musicians. I have hosted several regular composer meetings in my time [several of the composers went on to become 'celebrities'well- known to most of this forum] I am in Finchley, North London. Any use?

  Re: Composers` meetings in London (UK)  mattratcliffe81 at 16:03 on 02 February 2009

That sounds really good, thanks for being willing to host. How shall we proceed - shall we organise a first meeting, advertise it and see who turns up? Or how did you get things going in the past? I have also sent out a bulletin on Myspace, so hopefully there'll be some response.


  Re: Composers` meetings in London (UK)  Misuc at 17:33 on 02 February 2009

In the past I knew people. No need or wish to advertise. We felt we had something in common. If anybody follows us now we may or may not have much in common beyond the obvious. Does this matter? Not necessarily. Yes. Let's advertise (in a modest sort of way) and see how it goes. Do we need to explain anything about who we are - what we've done - what we want to achieve? would it be an idea if people stated if they could play an instrument and if so what? The idea would be to play through things at least to ourselves - maybe to others?

[As for me, I am a moderately poor pianist who can sight read or improvise easily. Otherwise I just have a go e.g. at various folk instruments + I used to be a pro horn player but was never any good and now I'm still worse. I'm also a self-semi-taught 2nd rate fiddler/violin-player + recorder etc. How about you? Have we got a band?

Before any dates are fixed, I'll have to ask my wife of course, and give her time to flee the country....