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  RSS capability  soklamon at 16:23 on 11 December 2008

I would like to suggest the RSS option for the list of opportunities. This would made our life easier as:
1) we wouldn't receive directly to our RSS software the new calls (no need to surf the pages of composition today)
2) we would be instantly informed when a new post would be on the list

I can see that the list already writes the date of posting. That makes it even easier for RSS capability...

  Re: RSS capability  David Bruce at 09:08 on 12 December 2008

Thanks for the suggestion, it's a nice idea, but as the jobs & opps are a paid service I'm not aware of how to do this in a way that without opening up the service to everyone. If you have any pointers in that regard I'd be happy to look into them.

  Re: RSS capability  tactpolyphony at 05:14 on 07 February 2012

I really like this idea! It's more of convenience specially to composers who's always on the go. And the only means of checking this site is thru rss feeds in their mobile devices. I am really looking forward for this innovation! It will surely be a good marketing strategy for both the clients and the management. Hope to get an utmost response for this requests. Good day!