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  What age did you start?  Jurriaans at 19:23 on 17 November 2008


Im quite new on this site but its nice, i dont compose for very long but i like to know about you, how long do you make music and how old are you?


  Re: What age did you start?  piargno at 23:25 on 22 November 2008

I love when people answer these questions - the comparisons can reveal some wonderful coincidences, similarities, stories, etc ...

Started playing piano by ear at 5, first piano lesson at 10, composed little things from 10 - 16, downloaded Finale from Kazaa at 17 and composed first "real" piano works, composed for "fun" as a freshman in college (18, BU), started composing "seriously" as a sophomore (19), now I'm getting a doctorate in composition, but I still play piano.

How about yourself and others?!?


  Re: What age did you start?  Jurriaans at 08:24 on 23 November 2008

well, im still a youngling, i started playing classical guitar at an age of 14, i started composing aswell... but that wasn't very inpressive, now im 17 and i thing im on my way.


  Re: What age did you start?  jesicakalra at 06:16 on 18 January 2011

When i am 17 then start to create music now i am 19 year old. so from last 2 years i am composing songs...

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  Re: What age did you start?  mikexiang at 07:20 on 04 February 2011

When i am 21 i start singing songs and also composing songs....

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