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  $700 Acapella Choral Competition  jonallen at 12:08 on 17 October 2008

Deadline: December 1st, 2008.

Prize: $700 and two performances; Possible recording

There is no entry fee.

Submission criteria:

Original composition for a cappella, 4-6 part mixed choir, occasional divisi is acceptable;
Three to six minutes long;
Not previously performed in Massachusetts;
Anonymous submission:
Remove all names and identifying marks;
Provide a sealed envelope containing your name, address, email and phone number;
Submit a legible score. In addition, recordings will be accepted but are not required.
If the text is not public domain, include written permission to use it.
The winning composition is to be performed in May of 2008 at the Cambridge Madrigal Singers concerts in the Boston area. CMS encourages the composer’s attendance.

The Cambridge Madrigal Singers reserves the right to not award a prize.

The winning composer must provide a final performance score by January 1, 2008. CMS will make 40 copies for the chorus.

There are no restrictions according to race, sex, age or residency. The text may be in any language. A composer may submit more than one piece.

If you would like your materials returned, please enclose a SASE.

Send all submissions to:
Cambridge Madrigal Singers, Inc.
P.O. Box 600527
Newtonville, MA 02460

Cambridge Madrigal Singers, Inc. For further information, email

Past winners:

2007 Joshua Shank, Minneapolis, MN, USA - A Grass-Green Pillow
2006 Abbie Betinis, St. Paul, MN, USA - Carmina Mei Cordis (Songs of my heart)
2005 David Schneider, Bloomington, IN, USA - O Colonia
2004 Sydney Guillaume, Miami, FL, USA - Kalinda
2003 Paul Carey, Oak Park, IL, USA - Esta Tarde
2002 Giselle Wyers, Boise, ID, USA - Ave Maria
2001 Ulrike Emanuelsson, Lund, Sweden - R–sten ur m–rkret sjunger
2000 Julian Wachner, Boston, MA, USA - there is a moon sole
1999 Jason Bahr, Urbana, IL, USA - Psaume 1
1998 Forrest Pierce, Urbana, IL, USA - Song of Songs
1997 Tsippi Fleischer, Tel Aviv, Israel - No Hand has Touched You
This competition is made possible in part by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, for whose support we are grateful.


Errata: The winning composition will performed in May of 2009, with final performance score submitted by January 1, 2009.