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  Michael Tippett & Ralph Vaughan Williams  Team Gaughan at 13:10 on 15 October 2008

Recently I have been listening to both Tippett and Vaughan Williams.

It has surprised me especially with each composers symphonies that neither has a higher reputation. Benjamin Britten seems to take a lot of the glory, not that I dont like his music, I do. But with works like Tippetts 4th symphony, The Rose Lake and the Triple Concerto or Vaughan Willams 4th, 6th and 8th symphonies they should be considered a much greater composers than they are. Tippett is let down perhaps by the fact he wrote a number of his own texts and librettos, however his music is astonishing and fresh and original as is Vaughan Williams who is certainly not a 'cow-pat' composer.

I would be interested in any comments...