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  Looking for organ works  composer1981 at 02:12 on 06 October 2008

Hello, I am a Bulgarian composer living in Montreal. I perform annual organ concerts with late 20th and early 21st c. repertoire. I have performed a new programme every year since 2002 of North American and some European repertoire. I record every performance.

If you have a piece you would like me to consider, please, do write to me at

If you write a piece specifically for me I WILL for sure perform it.

I currently play on the 1946 Casavant, but for a concert could conceivably have access to most of Montreal's organs. So you can assume a 3 manual instrument. I have excellent rhythm - there are no impossible tuplets!

My concerts are planned until September 2009. I am looking for works to be performed in late 2009 and later.

Thank you for your attention.
Best wishes;

  Re: Looking for organ works  piargno at 06:48 on 07 October 2008

Bonjour Mme Fol ...

  Re: Looking for organ works  Chris Benton at 16:11 on 21 January 2009

Hi there,

Please check out some of my organ compositions at the following link:

Let me know if anything you hear interests you for your future concerts.

Kind Regards,

Chris Benton

  Re: Looking for organ works  messyann at 04:04 on 07 February 2009

I have an orgna work which was premiered at a church in New York City April 2008 and Charleston, South Carolina June 2008.

Please go to my soundclick page and click the recording "Volcano" for organ.

  Re: Looking for organ works  composer1981 at 20:02 on 08 February 2009

Hello, I am unsure how I am supposed to reply to the message above. I only ask for serious postings. A message which contains so many mistakes from a person calling himself/herself "messyann" surely seems like a joke...?

My last concert was yesterday in Christ Church Cathedral in Montreal and I performed seven works. I am currently searching repertoire for my recital in 2010.
Best regards,

  Re: Looking for organ works  messyann at 00:35 on 09 February 2009

Composer -

I apologize for errors in my prior post. The message was typed hastily.

My response was meant to be serious. The word "messyann" is wordplay on the mispronunciation of Messiaen's name (which I hear too often).

Next time I will be more careful how I present myself on this forum

As for the organ work, please listen to the work titled "Volcano" on the Soundclick link I provided in my earlier post. The performer is Joe Arndt. Mr.Arndt is completing graduate studies in organ with Paul Jacobs at Juilliard School of Music in New York City. Below is a link to Mr Arndt's site documenting the premiere of "Volcano" at Christ Methodist Church this past April, 2008:

Please e-mail any questions you have. My e-mail is provided in my profile.


Chris Sahar (messyann)

  Re: Looking for organ works  composer1981 at 04:43 on 09 February 2009

Thank you, dear Mr. Sahar, for your post. I am afraid I wasn't in on the name joke, so I couldn't but be perplexed

As soon as my current operetta season finishes I will actively research new organ repertoire. I have four shows in three days next week alone, on top of my other work, so please do not be offended if I do not get around to it as soon as I would like to.
Best regards,
Alexandra Fol

  Re: Looking for organ works  messyann at 14:30 on 09 February 2009

No problem. Good luck!

  Re: Looking for organ works  Francis Pott at 20:42 on 09 October 2009

Hello, If you're looking for something both long and challenging you might be interested to know of my organ symphony 'Christus', published by United Music Publishers and available on disc in a live London performance (1997) by Jeremy Filsell [Signum records, SIGCD 062]. Two other (much shorter) works are published by UMP as well: Empyrean (subtitled Rhapsody for organ; dating from 1982) and Introduction, Toccata & Fugue (2001; available on CD from Signum: SIGCD 080). Another Toccata (1991) is published separately by Fand Music, a small publishing house in the UK (
Be warned: 'Christus' lasts just over 2 hours and is in 5 big movements. Therefore, if you don't warm to the style you will undoubtedly hate the whole thing! I suspect you are hoping for works of a more radical stylistic tendency than this, but, well, you asked, so I answered.

Best wishes and good luck with your plans.

Francis Pott.

  Re: Looking for organ works  Josseline at 19:22 on 30 January 2012

<a href="">Hi</a>. Thatís a good article! Thanks for posting this.