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  Podcast show: innovative music in Toronto  Ben Mueller-Heaslip at 23:26 on 04 July 2008

Hey All:

As some of you know, I produce a podcast show about innovative music and musicians here in Toronto, Canada.

Because I'm personally always looking for, and very glad when I find, this sort of media in other places/countries, I thought I'd put links to this project here so you mostly-English can have a chance to see what's happening here in Toronto.

I'd REALLY appreciate it if any of you have links to equivelent things happening in your own places.

Here I'm posting the direct links to the shows that have focused on composition:

John Kameel Farah (pianist combining live performance with electronics)
Scott Good (forum member, trombonist, Vancouver Orchestra composer-in-residence)
Rob Piilonen (flautist, leader of an improv ensemble, Association of Improvising Musicians)
Scott Thomson (proprietor of a Toronto venue for improvised music)

Any criticisms you have of these would be welcome.