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  Today`s Competitions.  windart at 03:08 on 04 July 2008

Recently I've participated in the International Wind Ensemble/Concert Band Competition Contest. Harelbeke, Town of Music. Belgium. Here's how the prizes were distributed:
(see )

First Prize - 10,000 Eur: Geert DE PRAETERE (Belgium)
Second Prize - 5,000 Eur: Takahiro SAKUMA (Japan)
Third Prize - 2,500 Eur: Yori Aki MATSUDAIRA (Japan)

  Re: Today`s Competitions.  James McFadyen at 08:07 on 04 July 2008

I'd delete this post if I were you, there are a few moments of racism that others might find offensive.

  Re: Today`s Competitions.  windart at 08:57 on 04 July 2008

Hm... but I'm no you, James, there is no racism in it so I'm not deleting the post. I know it's very easy to assign labels to things with all sort of "ism's" instead of dealing with them.

  Re: Today`s Competitions.  David Bruce at 10:08 on 04 July 2008

Windart - I've edited out sections of your post. From previous experience running other websites, I know that even the implication of defamation is enough to constitute libel or slander. We cannot risk the CT site being taken to court, and that is why I've removed what you posted.

  Re: Today`s Competitions.  windart at 10:12 on 04 July 2008

Great! I really like the way your edited it! Then sure you'd want to edit another one

  Re: Today`s Competitions.  carlswanholm at 17:41 on 04 July 2008

Beethoven=Flemish, SP, tiny Negro, not a trace GER, or GERM

  Re: Today`s Competitions.  carlswanholm at 17:58 on 04 July 2008

-- what does a 'ck/it' sound like today?do they sound pure and 'persevered'?do u's "contribute" to ur great legacies?!! -- Some broad-minded 'people' (elites) prefer the unusual and extraordinary, a young Country's Sound [kisses] --

  Re: Today`s Competitions.  carlswanholm at 18:22 on 04 July 2008

& I express to the conceiver of CT many thanks; I know their brilliant intentions are absolutely objective for the illumination & promotion of music worldwide