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  CBE for Michael Nyman, Knighthood for Mark Elder  CT News at 19:33 on 15 June 2008

In the Queen's Birthday Honours List, composer Michael Nyman, known for sometimes complaining about a lack of recognition from the establishment, has received a CBE. Mark Elder, widely respected music director of The Hallé, and one of the original ENO Power House triumvirate receives a knighthood.

  Re: CBE for Michael Nyman, Knighthood for Mark Elder  Misuc at 22:46 on 16 June 2008

Yes. I always felt that Nyman's pathetic pleas to the establishment were disingenuous. Now the establishment has fully sunk down to his level.

They used to have real popular music artists like the Beatles. They gave them all MBEs (that's an even bigger thing than a CBE to stick on your jacket ) in 1965.

The official reason for the award was "services to the export industry".

But four years later John Lennon had the integrity and humanity to return his in protest at Britain's Imperialist onslaught against Biafra, and its cooperation with the US in the Vietnam war.

Well: Nyman's been heard making a few progressive squeaks recently. Will he return his?