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  Arranging  James McFadyen at 20:57 on 13 June 2008

In my industry (Brass Band), arranging is a big part of being a composer. The one thing I notice is that arranging is little done in the professional orchestral world. This may be due to the highly audience-orientation of the brass band industry.

I am an advocate of well-designed music, especially in arrangements where a straigh off-the-wall transcription is not what the doctor ordered. Why I arrange I try to challenge audiences while still giving them something they can relate to. For me this is most enjoyable and the feedback I've had has been most favourable.

When the LSO released their Orchestral Rock collection, it was groundbreaking stuff but I think it needs taken up a gear. More arrangements but even more artistic.

When Tolga Kashif's "The Queen Symphony" came out I bought it and loved it immediately. I would happily part with my cash for these kinds of albums, but would not for the Royal Philharmonic releases, however the Abba album is something I can listen to on occcasion.

So arranging. I do it all the time for Brass Bands, anybody else do it for any other medium and/or do we have any suggestions on approach arranging with a fine balance of artistic integrity v audience appreciation?