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  What would you like to see on CT?  David Bruce at 08:14 on 11 June 2008

I wanted to put up a thread requesting suggestions from members - what would you like to see on the site? What would make you come back to the site more regularly? What would be useful to you as a composer, both in terms of helping your artistic development and your career development? Ideas 'outside of the box' particularly welcome!

Some possibilities to get you started:

- members could add examples of their scores to their showcase
- some kind of work specific discussion - eg we get permission from a composer to post a full mp3 of a work and have an on-site discussion of that work
- more e-commerce, selling scores and CDs directly (we're unlikely to be able to do this I think because of the large extra committment of resources it would entail)

Over to you...

  Re: What would you like to see on CT?  scott_good at 13:45 on 11 June 2008

dear david,

i will mention again - great site! i think you are creating a real on line legacy here.

i love the idea of an on line "score club". perhaps once a month, a work is chosen, and at the end of the "term", we could start a discussion. i think if it was loosely organized, it might spur on people to contribute.

of course, one difficulty is deciding what to study...another difficulty is providing materials. maybe a score and recording could be posted on line (this is most often not up the composer, but the performers/producers etc). i'm sure there are some legal issues at stake here, but perhaps there is a way to have works "donated" for brief periods (like 1 month), and then taken down.

allowing posted scores for showcases is also a good idea for sure.

personally, i'm not into the buying and selling CD's etc - like the idea of this site being a meeting of minds, not a selling of wares. anyone who has things to sell can have a link from their showcase. i say this mostly for the reason you have stated - takes too much resource.

something else might be to expand the composer profiles - perhaps some posted theoretical papers if the writer wishes to contribute them. might be worth advertising this site and those possibilities at universities.

just some thoughts,


  Re: What would you like to see on CT?  Misuc at 20:10 on 11 June 2008

I must say I agree with Scott here: this is a unique (I think) and indispensable site.Congratulations. (Of course we would say that, wouldn't we? as two of its more talkative participants).

I also particularly value practical discussion of compositional issues related to specific ventures. It would be interesting to go into more detail - giving short musical examples (complete scores etc. could come later). Also the possibility of uploading musical examples within forum space - or elsewhere - in score-form and/or as mp3s would make it possible to progress beyond bluff and bluster, or (inevitably arbitrary sounding personal taste)
towards genuine insights, explanations and perhaps controversies from which people can learn. I don't know about the technical feasibility of this, but it seems to me that music journals' articles, newspaper reviews and such internet discussion there is on musical topics could be vastly improved by what ought to be quite feasible nowadays. Think of all the discussions there have been already e.g. about 'tunefulness', 'tonality and atonality', 'modernism' vs 'traditionalism', about the work of particular composers (including ourselves) about word-setting, how to approach opera-writing etc. and think how much more vital they could be with loads of little examples.

But then we could discuss work in progress (at all stages of composition), discuss working methods and approaches to the material that we come up with, perhaps alternative continuations or treatments, suggestions for improvements or ways of getting 'unstuck' or whatever. Maybe we could set up group composition projects like those internet jamming sites there used to be (still are?)....a group showcase...

  Re: What would you like to see on CT?  Misuc at 09:43 on 12 June 2008

I'm not sure I've expressed my suggestions very clearly. I suppose what they amount to is a sort of wikipaedia-type interaction mechanism which allows mp3,+ score or other graphics input in the form of small samples for purposes of illustration. This would give us the choice of many, many ways of presenting and sharing ideas.....

  Re: What would you like to see on CT?  scott_good at 14:58 on 12 June 2008

very cool idea - i have no idea of the feasibility though.

  Re: What would you like to see on CT?  David Bruce at 15:30 on 12 June 2008

thanks guys, keeping them coming...

  Re: What would you like to see on CT?  Jim Tribble at 17:02 on 12 June 2008

Just to say David that I agree with all of the above.

I felt totally isolated, even with a job in Music Education. There just seems so few of us genuinely interested in the nuts and bolts of music.

Its great to meet other people passionate about music and music creation.

I was wondering whether we could use this site to organise face to face gatherings, like a classic car club. Maybe in a pub somewhere or music department in a school. To help us explore and create music without the info-structure getting so much in the way?

Like a Face book posting I will be at.... or anyone interested in....


  Re: What would you like to see on CT?  Gary Green at 18:16 on 12 June 2008

Hi all

I second all of the ideas mentioned. I really enjoy visiting the site and being involved in the discussions and just seeing what's going on.

I like the idea of the Wikipedia type interaction and the ability to discuss compositions. I know we can discuss them now, but being able to see/hear a piece someone is currently discussing and even indicate/pull out the bars of music they are referring to would be great. How about also being able to cross-reference definitions of words that are mentioned in the wikipedia type articles (like a dictionary/ thesaurus)eg. If someone mentions a term you are unfamiliar with you could click on it and then you find out what it means. One of the reasons I joined the website was to learn and I'm certainly doing that, but anything that makes it easier is a bonus. Instead of reinventing the wheel, maybe it could be set up as an external link via some Wiki software?

I also like the idea of the group jamming, or another approach could involve posting a brief score - could be just a phrase, or a harmony outline - and those who wanted to could individually create a piece based on the snippet. Maybe they would also be given a set of rules to limit the composition eg. 'Fast and loud.' I think it would be really interesting to see the diversity of results it could produce. I'm not suggesting a competition, just really to see how others develop the initial idea.

Mp3s on the site and searching for them. Sometimes, for example, I might like to see if anyone has written a piece for harpsichord recently. At the moment I think I'd have to listen to every mp3 uploaded to find out. It would be good if you could provide further tagging that could be used to search for certain criteria, whether it is instruments used, composition style, etc.

Also, I don't think I've seen results for any of the competitions that get posted on the site. It would be nice to find out about who wins these competitions.

Thanks, Gary

  Re: What would you like to see on CT?  David Bruce at 12:34 on 13 June 2008

thanks - this has raised some interesting thoughts.

  Re: What would you like to see on CT?  David Bruce at 17:40 on 15 June 2008

niknod - I've just had a look at the up down links - can you try again now, I think they should work now.

  Re: What would you like to see on CT?  Misuc at 17:47 on 15 June 2008

Well, I don't know if they work for niknod, but they don't work for me.

  Re: What would you like to see on CT?  David Bruce at 17:54 on 15 June 2008

did you try just in the last few minutes?

  Re: What would you like to see on CT?  Misuc at 19:18 on 15 June 2008

I did now and it worked. Thanks a lot, David. And thanks for the site