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  Wriiten music or Recorded music?  Gary Green at 00:12 on 11 June 2008


From reading contributors posts and visiting their various websites etc. it seems that there is a... not a divide... but a difference between those who get their main satisfaction from listening to music and those who get it from reading/looking at music. I'm sure it's not all 100% one way or the other for most of you.

My main enjoyment of music comes from listening to the music (95% possibly), rather than looking at it on a score. I do read music when I'm trying to learn/work out what is going on and I do enjoy looking at written music, as it provides a different perspective.

Written music to me can also look very exciting - almost like a picture. If that makes sense! But, as I say, my main enjoyment comes from listening, rather than looking at a piece.

I'd be interested to know what others feel about this.

Thanks, Gary

  Re: Wriiten music or Recorded music?  Ben Mueller-Heaslip at 00:33 on 11 June 2008

Seeing/hearing live performances is what I like. I think the unpredictability and vulnerability of live performance is the best of what music is.