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  Re: Why can`t contemporary classical music be  Misuc at 13:01 on 27 March 2012

we don't want your nutrition drinks sold on our site. Please leave us alone.

  Re: Why can`t contemporary classical music be  Misuc at 13:04 on 27 March 2012

and your video production company looks like just another attempted profiteering racket

  Re: Why can`t contemporary classical music be  Misuc at 13:09 on 27 March 2012

this kind of cynical trickery has no place on our site. Some of us are trying to discuss questions about music,what it is and how to make it. If your thing is not music and what get you off is thinking about how much money you can extort then why don't you go off and post to a banking site if they'll have you?

  Re: Why can`t contemporary classical music be  Jim Tribble at 16:08 on 27 March 2012

Hi Misuc, nice to hear from you again. I agree but dont have the energy to rant. Just a sign of the times.

  Re: Why can`t contemporary classical music be  MarkDundoreMusik at 18:53 on 17 April 2012

I always thought a major part of the problem was music educators' unwillingness to discuss contemporary and even more recent compositions. A professor for whom I recently interviewed was lamenting over the standard aspiring comp student's lists of favorite composers...all Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Wagner; no Rochberg, Maxwell Davies, Ades, Saariaho, or more contemporaries.

It's a side effect of listeners either not knowing what exactly they like, or more exposure of multiple genres that aren't palatable to everyone. The composer's job is to follow his/her mind and heart and write what they believe to be true to themselves.

  Re: Why can`t contemporary classical music be  Misuc at 21:58 on 17 April 2012

Thank you for bringing us back to music.
A simple explanation of the results of your interview: when you've got Bach and Beethoven, whyever would anyone chose Rochberg as their FAVOURITE composer?
Especially if you ask composers. It's like asking builders who their favourite builder is.They're much more likely to chose a famous builder who's safely long dead than a living rival

  Re: Why can`t contemporary classical music be  Misuc at 22:19 on 17 April 2012

Here, in a nutshell, is why people prefer Bach:

I got this through pure coincidence. After responding to this post, I happened to leaf through the competition list and there was the competition for a new variation on a theme by Bach with a video of some of the existing variations.

They are so unspeakably unimaginative and incompetent, I have no words. Perhaps the Maxwell Davies is better.Some of his music excites me. But these are a disgrace to the profession.

See? I'm taking like a builder! "Cor Blimey!Who built that for you? Cowboys!"

Let's try to get rid of the cowboys and get back some respect

  Re: Why can`t contemporary classical music be  MartinY at 11:29 on 22 April 2012

The Bach Variations only seems to make sense if it is a secret plot to make Max Reger seem one of the greatest composers ever.....

It is interesting that I have been thinking about writing a grade 6 difficulty level (like the proposed variation) but very avant-garde piece involving guitar and a couple or more sustained instruments. I cannot think of anyone else's work to be inspired by and am going to be guided by intellectual procedures and my knowledge of how to play the instruments. However I may never complete another piece as I have become housebound and am not going to get better from the PMP. I may need to follow a timetable to make musical progress.

If I can reiterate why I would prefer older composers going right back to Josquin, there is a large element of pure practicality. This is the sort of music I play every day on real instruments and play on the car stereo system etc. so it is an integral part of life in a way that contemporary music does not seem to be able to insert itself. And yet in the past more or less all people played was contempory music and music began to go out of fashion when it was 20 years old.

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