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  Re: Boosey`s Emerging Composer Program  Misuc at 21:46 on 29 June 2008

I agree with the general sentiments of both the above. I would not trust a composer who could not put together an exciting, interesting piece for beginners to perform - especially a composer who was trying to do things that are so much more 'complicated'and 'hard to understand'. I also resent talk of chucking people off the list etc.

But let's not forget: music is a serious art which demands passionate commitment. A composer who does not stand for something is not worth listening to. To stand for something means to struggle to achieve it against other - perhaps 'easier' or more 'lazy-minded' ways out. Without this struggle, s/he will not be able to contribute anything meaningful to what has been achieved by thousands upon thousands of musicians through thousands of years. And how can you stand FOR something without at the same time standing AGAINST something else? A discussion forum in which everyone agreed with one another in advance would not be of much use, would it?

  Re: Boosey`s Emerging Composer Program  Account Closed at 21:48 on 29 June 2008

I think that this discussion has gone beyond just disagreeing with each other.

This 92 message thread spans 7 pages:  < <   1   2   3   4   5   6  [7]