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  Boosey's Emerging Composer Program  CT News at 10:54 on 06 June 2008

Oscar Bettison, Anna Clyne, and Du Yun are the first three composers to be signed to Boosey & Hawkes Emerging Composer Program.

In order to foster and develop the next generation of innovative composers, B&H is providing publishing, promotion, and career support to a select group of emerging composers for a specified period.

  Re: Boosey`s Emerging Composer Program  Account Closed at 14:19 on 06 June 2008

Yet more 'innovative' composers!

I might get shot down for this, but when are we going to get some 'innovative composers' who write music which is within the realms of 'ordinary' musicians. For example, with choral music, I am having to turn more often than not to the US to find new works which are within the capabilities of our normal 'parish' choir. Why? Because if one looks at the new music being published here - the OUP 'New Horizons' series and the B&H contemporary choral works, they are all well beyond the capabilities of the 'amateur'.

So, OK Boosey and Hawkes, another scheme, but is this what we need?


  Re: Boosey`s Emerging Composer Program  Nicolas Tzortzis at 01:12 on 07 June 2008

should composers write "easier" music,or should the choirs try to improve?
what whould be,in your opinion, the solution to the "problem" you mentioned?

  Re: Boosey`s Emerging Composer Program  Account Closed at 08:17 on 07 June 2008

My view is that you can only in the end work with what you've got. Yes, we should always be seeking to improve, but you can only do that to a point.

As to whether composers should write easier music, the answer is that plenty of them do, but they're not the one's who get published.

  Re: Boosey`s Emerging Composer Program  Nicolas Tzortzis at 11:32 on 07 June 2008

I feel that if a choir can sing upto to a level "7/10" of difficulty,than it should do just that.But there is no reason to accuse a composer because his music is not accesible to eveyone.Beethoven's sonatas are not playable by every pianist.The ones that can play them,they do.The others just sit back and enjoy.there is no harm in that.
I can understand your point of view,and I feel that it is encouraging that you look for new works to perform and maybe one can feel "neglected" by some of today's music production,but I am sure there is a lot of music around that amateur choirs could perform.
You could even ask for scores,right here.I bet there are a lot of composers here that have choir pieces and some of them could be both interesting and playable.

  Re: Boosey`s Emerging Composer Program  Account Closed at 22:22 on 07 June 2008

The problem is that the balance has shifted. Where once there was plenty of music to interest a reasonably able parish choir, this is very quickly diminishing in terms of newly published music. I feel it sad that time and time again I'm forced to look to the US for suitable pieces; particularly considering the choral heritage of this country.


  Re: Boosey`s Emerging Composer Program  Misuc at 22:43 on 07 June 2008

It seems to me there are two separate issues here: that two things are being called for which do not necessarily go together: 1] more music within the technical range of amateurs 2] more music which is easy to grasp by someone who has little interest in actively listening.

I am definitely in favour of the first: this should serve to encourage the best in new music - not necessarily of the second - this would most likely bring out the worst

  Re: Boosey`s Emerging Composer Program  James McFadyen at 23:24 on 07 June 2008

Like Mr Barton, I am fed up to the back teeth of so called innovative composers. The thing is anybody can be innovative, new or different. But applying innovative technqiues WHILST having the musical accessible is the most important tool for the modern composer.

Whilst in one hand John Cage was innovave, his music was no where near accesible as the likes of John Adams. I have recently discovered Ned Rorem and his music is innovative and even has shades of Gershwin! Rorem's music doesn't try to be anything it's not and it's very engaging music.

A lot of modern music coming through now tries to be a soundscape. This is one aspect of composition I cannot stand; fair enough that twangy wierd sound is awesome but if you can't package it in a way people can really understand and appreciate then you'll alienate yourself.

I believe music is an art but it must be controlled. It really mifs me that some composers still don't realise that being a composer is a BUSINESS. If you're a toff or an 11yo with rich pushy parents then sure you can make the most rancid noise with instruments and bask in your own self-importance, but for the rest of us who want to feed our kids and keep a roof over their head (and are not toffs!!) then music must be an artistic enterprise.

So to that end, I really couldn't care less for the new emerging "composers" - If you can't carry a tune then you are not a composer in my book. At best an artistic mathematician!

Some strong word here and my context of "you" is not pointed at you (the reader) It's just my bad 3rd party grammer usage! Forgive my humble writing abilities. <img src=../images/wink.gif>

  Re: Boosey`s Emerging Composer Program  Misuc at 23:35 on 07 June 2008

I you want to feed your kids, get a job.

If you want to write music write music you want.

music is not a BUSINESS. BUSINESS is the death of music.

Business is about buying cheap, selling dear and trying to cheat your suppliers, your customers, your workers and your rivals. If you try to run a business without doing these things you will be a miserable failure. Don't take my word for this, watch 'The Apprentice' or 'Dragon's Den' (British TV)

If you tell us in advance that you write your music on business principles, we'll know what to make of you as a composer. [Some of us have already experienced this]

This could damage your career

  Re: Boosey`s Emerging Composer Program  James McFadyen at 00:34 on 08 June 2008

As the owner of a publishing company I can tell you that music is every bit a business as it is an art.

The hard lesson in life is that if you want performances and recordings you need to know how to get them!! There are two types of composers; those who are self-indulgent people brain-washed into thinking that their music exists only to please themselves and that's all that matters. These composers are more interested in soundscapes rather than melody and pure harmony. And then there those who know that music is for those souls other than the composer's ego. Such a composer has an artistic vision and wants to tell people about it through music, not irrational egotistical noise.

Modern music is like modern art. It may have some higher than thou meaning and it may be what the artist intended, but to every other normal person it's just paint splattered on a wall. It's the same with music; if you cannot connect with ordinary everyday souls then your wasting your time as a composer my friend.

I'm not saying don't write what you want, but by the same hand, don't become brain washed by the academics! Write music for the people and let the people bask in your art for that shall be your ultimate prize!

  Re: Boosey`s Emerging Composer Program  Nicolas Tzortzis at 02:12 on 08 June 2008

"the people"?
what people exactly?
Britney Spears is "music for the people".and it makes a lot of money.Then it must be a much higher art than,let's say...Stravinsky...
""carry a tune"???????
what is this?the 1750's????
if a composer wants to make money,he should try writing "tunes" for Madonna or Beyonce.that is business.
it's 4am and i'm too tired to actually answer to what James wrote,but I think it's so outrageous that I have trouble accepting that anyone would actually believe what I just read.
I'll try reading it again in the morning...

  Re: Boosey`s Emerging Composer Program  James McFadyen at 08:18 on 08 June 2008

You have completely misunderstood myself, yourself and the whole industry. Get out in the real world mate!

  Re: Boosey`s Emerging Composer Program  Misuc at 09:33 on 08 June 2008

I find it odd that someone as practical as Macfadyen should be wasting time talking to us about the real world. Isn't there anything better to do? No money to be made out there? Come on, Mac. Get a grip! You're getting self-indulgent now wasting your energies in talking about ideas. Remember - we are your rivals. Someone might believe you! Hadn't you better hurry back to the real world before somebody undercuts you?

Talking about the real world, it has never been the same since Einstein.

Remember Einstein? The one who might have done something for the PEOPLE if he had only invented the electric toothbrush!

  Re: Boosey`s Emerging Composer Program  Account Closed at 11:47 on 08 June 2008

Dare I say it, that whilst composing is obviously something I enjoy doing, it is also part of my income, and I do make money doing it.

  Re: Boosey`s Emerging Composer Program  Nicolas Tzortzis at 12:33 on 08 June 2008

I had a good night's sleep,and I read all that again,but I still think that I understood the same things as i did yesterday.
But since English is not my native language,I sincerely ask James to explain to me what exactly I have misunderstood.
thanks in advance

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