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   Misuc at 17:25 on 30 May 2008

Yesterday, on the "competition, jobs & opps" page I saw details of this competition for a work for an ensemble which I would like to write for. The notice was first published that day, I believe, or the day before. The deadline for 1st June (2008!). Being a fast composer, I still did not see how I could post a score to them in time, so I looked up their website to see if we had the details right. The english version of the site is down: the french has no details of the competition. But if you hunt around you can get to the same email address listed in the notice. So I emailed them. Perhaps they meant June 2009? Just now the posting was returned with the remark that there is no such email address!

I don't like to use valuable forum space to bring up such trivial issues, but the 'sponsors' or whatever they're called who put on these competitions and advertise them on this site should be made to acknowledge some responsibility to their victims (after all, most of us are going to lose anyway). This is just the most extreme of what is fairly common practise.

By the way, for information, their web page does give details of other competitions [openly advertised without one having to pay for 'membership' ] not all of which may be known to us or the moderator of our site.