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  RPS awards for Macmillan Ades and Rebecca Saunders  CT News at 13:27 on 17 May 2008

The 2008 Royal Philharmonic Society Music Awards winners
were announced at the Dorchester Hotel, London on Thursday 15 May.

Among the prizes for composers, Thomas Ades was awarded the Large-scale Composition for Tevot, James Macmillan won the Opera and Music Theatre prize for The Sacrifice and Rebecca Saunders won Chamber-scale Composition for Stirrings Still

  Re: RPS awards for Macmillan Ades and Rebecca Saunders  Misuc at 20:17 on 20 May 2008

I don't want to be a perpetual grumbler, but can't we have genuine forums here - discussions? What is there to talk about here? - three perfectly ordinary competent composers have received 3 more expected's hardly even news......

David, why don't you instead give us your opinions (you are entitled to have opinions - and as moderator, have exercised your duty to act on some of them) on some of the important issues that have come up on other forums?

  Re: RPS awards for Macmillan Ades and Rebecca Saunders  ruska02 at 19:07 on 22 May 2008

It is strange but I agree 100 per cent with Misuc
I do hope this is important , two complete different person, agree that there are far more important clues
on which to argue so .
Please keep this forum to a high profile and stop sponsoring Ades and his work he is not appreciated
anywhere outside his own noble self sponsored dominion and his fame does only harm to the good and
positive composer I know here in UK
that suffer from the fact that he has so much power and is not wunderkid at all