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  who is your favourite Asian composers?  NdReaZ at 09:37 on 04 May 2008

An interaction between the East and the West is always appealing to me. The two would always affect each others and create unique possibilities in the world of arts.

My most favourite Asian composers are:
1. Isang Yun
2. Tony Prabowo
3. Kee Yong Chong
4. Toru Takemitsu
5. Otto Sidharta
6. Slamet Abdul Sjukur

I wondered, have anyone heard some of their music?

  Re: who is your favourite Asian composers?  mattgreenecomposer at 03:13 on 07 June 2008

I like some of Takemitsu Toru's stuff but you didnt list my favorite...
Joe Hisashi, ?? ? is fantastic. His music for me at first ,really took some listening too but it is so unique/distinct of a sound that nobody else sounds like him.
If you are unfamiliar with his work he has done many of Beat Takeshi's films. Amazing.