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  Re: Negative atonal music  Misuc at 23:29 on 10 June 2008

Hey! It's so nice to have a conversation with someone who listens! I just heard the Schoenberg Violin concerto again after years. It's exhilarating, brilliant, exciting and so, so classical in spirit! I feel I/ve just discovered Schoenberg! My other new discovery is Nono again: Prometeo and 'AL gran Sole'... wow! But sad....

  Re: Negative atonal music  Gary Green at 23:57 on 10 June 2008

Listening to or reading music? That's an interesting point, Misuc. I've started another post following on from this, as it's something I've been wondering about whilst I've been on this forum.


  Re: Negative atonal music  James McFadyen at 07:59 on 11 June 2008

Listen to Ligeti's "Requiem"

Scary stuff but is an awesome work. Ligeti, for me was the last master in contemporary music. Today's contemporary music is no where near as it once was.

This 18 message thread spans 2 pages:  < <   1  [2]