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  the nothing and the nothingness - a happening  matthewleeknowles at 11:38 on 16 April 2008

The nothing and the nothingness -
a happening by Matthew Lee Knowles

Tuesday 29th April 2008

All kinds of performers come together for an evening of exploration into nothingness at the Louise T Blouin institute in Notting Hill. They will present to visitors a wide range of aural and visual impressions about the subject of nothingness in art, music, philosophy and literature.

Performers/contributors include: Jeremy Beardmore & The Tropical Noir, John Callaghan, Shyama Persaud, Halal Kebab Hut – algorithmic junkestra, Simon Katan, Catalina Niculescu, Neil Luck, John Lely, Tim Parkinson, Adam Delacour, Rowyda Amin, Lily Barson, Shola Reynolds, Peter Cave, Jon Clay, Vanessa Lanch, Claudia Molitor, Jo Thomas, Giorgio Sadotti, Micachu and the shapes, Blood Moon, Richard Thomas, Colin Alexander, Daniel Davies, Cecilia Wee, Rupert Cross, Michelle Byrne, Elen Le Foll, Alan Fielden, Mikhail Karikis, Paul Newland and David Arrowsmith, Andreas Borregaard, Sonia Hendy-Isaac, Laurence Crane, Ciara O’Connor, Joanna Sleight, Sam Belinfante, Satako Doi, Owen Duff, Emily kenway, Saito Masumi, Jordan Hunt, Grace Nyandoro, Antonio Jesús de la Fe Guides +Riccardo Buscarini, Antoine Francoise, Vlad Mastorovici, Corentin Chassard, Harry Cameron-Penny, Tony Thatcher, Drew Cyster, Ashley Long, Alicia Cubells, JonnyFox, Harriet Wheeler, Alison Rosser, Ekca Liena, Jutta Bannerman, Vicki Princewell, michael olabode, Coryan Wilson-Shah, Priyal Kanabar, Madaleine Trigg, Joshua Kaye, Leena Akhtar, Cristina Miguel Mullen, Ella Jarman-Pinto, Stuart Russell, Lisa Ellis, Hannah long, Ed Nesbitt, JT, Elizabeth Harris, Stewart Keith, Charlie Atkinson, Roberta Edwards, Jenny Glithero, Juancho Gonzarles, Shabsi, Tom Kirk, Zoe Walker, Maria (Em) Smedstad, Sarah Drake, Iana Ianakieva, Bruno, Junior, Analgesia Collective, Laura Goldberg, Tanya, Oliver Zarandi, Sarah Moule, Gynogyi Salla, Larry Caveney, Paul Burnell and Conall Gleeson

Come and see nothing happening and experience nothingness for yourself.

Visitors will be able to freely move around a series of aural, visual and participatory events, ranging from string quartets and performance artists to sound installations, film viewings and poets and artists creating live works.

The audience and performers will be exploring others’ ideas, writings and thoughts on nothingness and attempting to present ‘nothing’ in its many forms. This happening is a demonstration of nothing and nothingness where the audience will be able to experience and assimilate the presented ideas and find their own meanings whilst constantly being challenged to consider this complex subject.

All events cost £5, unless otherwise stated All events are free of charge to Institute Members. If you are not a Louise T Blouin Institute Member and would like to become one then please follow the link below

We advise booking in advance. To order your tickets for this lecture or forthcoming lectures or events please contact the Louise T Blouin Institute Reception on: 020 7985 9600 or email with your credit card details. Phone lines are open between 10.00 and 18.00 daily. Tickets can be bought on the door depending on availability.

Louise T Blouin Institute 3 Olaf Street London W11 4BE