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  What do you play, would you play?  Jim Tribble at 00:16 on 10 April 2008

It has been suggested in the forum "are you a modern composer" that perhaps we could help each other in the quest for our pieces by being willing to try out parts or pieces by other composers.

One way to start this as mentioned by David Barton is to see whether other composers could share their particular skills on instruments (maybe even recording?) if they are willing to play/try out other composers pieces.

Composing for me in Fife in Scotland seems a fairly solitary activity (especially as you are trying to explore and create your own sound world) and I would like to expand my horizons a little. Hence the forums which I am enjoying.

Back to the idea my skills are:

Piano Diploma plus standard.
Viola/Violin Diploma standard
Singing first Bass in Cathedrals (1 or 2 per part)
Tuba Grade 3
Harpsichord, Clavichord, Square piano Diploma plus.
English Fyddle, Mandolin Grade 5, Most percussion to Grade 8.

This is also about networking hopefully, to make new connections in Scotland would be wonderful as well as long distant.


  Re: What do you play, would you play?  Account Closed at 07:46 on 10 April 2008

I can do:

Piano - up to about Grade 8 standard
Flute - same
Singing - anything and any parts
Clarinet - up to about Grade 3
Oboe - same


  Re: What do you play, would you play?  Jim Tribble at 11:45 on 03 May 2008

David it looks like it is just you and me, I will talk to you by email. I have some pieces I would like an opinion on. I will not drown you in pieces how about one at a time.


  Re: What do you play, would you play?  bobbie at 01:05 on 11 May 2008

hi! i play piano----and guitar but only through intermediate,

  Re: What do you play, would you play?  spoon2001 at 07:37 on 18 June 2008

I am a professional singer and I'm always keen to see new works that I might be interested in singing, both for ensemble and solo.

I am a tenor with quite a large range, so get in touch if you have anything. I am always happy to offer feedback anyway.

  Re: What do you play, would you play?  cj_darnieder at 14:18 on 16 September 2008

I like this idea...let's see...

Flute-Grade 6 (Picc.)
Oboe-Grade 5 (Eng. Hrn)
Clarinet-Grade 6 (Bass and Alto)
Saxophone-Grade 4 (Alto and Sop.)
Bassoon-Grade 4 (never contra...sad...)

I think I might also remember a scale or two from trombone...but they'd sound pretty pathetic.

  Re: What do you play, would you play?  piargno at 01:51 on 17 September 2008

I like playing piano - but in America, I'm not used to the grading system. The most difficult things I've played/performed: Jeux d'Eau (Ravel), Rhapsody in Blue (solo version, Gershwin), Chopin etudes op. 10, Ginastera Sonata No. 1.

I'd love to get some new piano rep and try it out! I'm putting together a possibly 3 hour long recital in Boulder, CO sometime late 2009, so short pieces are welcome by any who are willing to send them my way!!!


  Re: What do you play, would you play?  Myriad at 13:45 on 13 October 2009

Hi, I'm new to CT. I play;

Alto sax Dip ABRSM performance
Sop sax gr 8
sopranino sax (but only got it yesterday!)
Clarinet grade 8
Flute grade 8
Piano grade 4/5 comfortably
EWI (electronic wind instrument which has hundreds of sounds)

I visit a specialist teacher about once a month, and he does the recording, but obviously rates aren't cheap!

  Re: What do you play, would you play?  MartinY at 08:53 on 14 October 2009

When I play professionally I have only ever played classical / 19th century music on 'cello and early music on lute and viol. My performances of contempory music have been limited to guitar which I have had to stop playing other than 19th century music because I need to have no long nails to play the lute.

There is some contempory lute music but it is rather specialised and there are few opportunities to get it performed. There is sometimes a contempory chunk of a concert at the lute society but of course it depends on the performers wanting to put forward that style of music.

I am willing to comment and try out any plucked instrument pieces, or even just a part, people would like me to see. Guitar can be rather good in a mixed chamber music ensemble. Schoenberg and his contempories used the guitar occaisonally but even the top professionals do not like reading from the bass clef! (I can do it but that is a skill from baroque music not modern music.)

I am very interested in new music for amateur ensembles of 2-6 recorders, or 2-6 viols. These are ensembles for which a huge amount of historical music is being played but it is very difficult to get a group of people who are at all interested in playing modern music. Some professional permanent viol / recorder ensembles have quite a contempory repertoire but I think it largely comes out when they can get touring grants to perform it.

The top recorder ensembles can play all kinds of virtuoso stuff with advanced techniques and microtones. (There is a piece by Berio which young aspiring soloists have to master.) However I have mentioned elsewhere that I found it difficult to write music which was easy enough to be played by amateurs. Also if a group are used to playing music where the piece comes to full life with very little effort, the thought of putting in a hours rehersal or more to get 30 bars right does not go down very well.

My rather historically referential shall we say In Nomine for 4 viols, which won a prize, gets played quite a lot but the other less referential pieces hardly at all.

So if anyone wants me to try out or comment on amateur level stuff for strings, viols, plucked instruments or recorders I am very happy to try.

  Re: What do you play, would you play?  Team Gaughan at 13:36 on 14 October 2009

This is an excellent idea!!!

Like most of you I play a variety of instruments but on the trombone I reached grade 8. I always think it’s a pity that the trombone doesn’t have more music considering its flexibility (far more than most people imagine), its range which can be 4 octaves or more, its ease with multi-phonics, quarter tones, and well, you name it.

Saying that however I am also ashamed to admit I had yet to write a major piece for it, but that shouldn’t stop you and I would be happy to try out pieces.