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  Working close with interpreters  ruska02 at 10:37 on 30 March 2008

Intrasonus Festival in Masterclass is organising in April 27 May 3rd an international workshop which aims is to provide young composers with the opportunity of being able to work with incredibly good and skilled performers as Rohan De Saram Cello and Garth Knox Viola. The composer of reference will be the Italin Adriano Guarnieri , one of the more important figure of the international composers comunity. We deeply think that to be able to project real important contemporary classical work we need to make this event become more and more frequent so our Agenda includes Alberman, Klangforum Wien Members, Galois etc etc. The best works will probably be performed in a public concert the next
year. The concert will be repeated in a new projected web of International Composers exchanges called INTRASONUS SPOT PROJECT. Does anyone thinks this is not a unique opportunity?
Roberto Rusconi composer

  Re: Working close with interpreters  Jim Tribble at 16:42 on 30 March 2008

Where is the help for the older composers? How about a non ageist competition?

  Re: Working close with interpreters  ruska02 at 18:27 on 30 March 2008

No no, it is absolotely non ageist...It is open with no age restrictions at all. Look at ur website and see that we made the first exchange with Peter Bakla 30 from the Check Rep and in May with Thomas Simaku from York in his 50s so.. non ageist open doors to quality nothing speculations (150 euros for a week of full immersion...just to cover expenses for the paper used so...if you feel like working join the new Eu opportunity..

  Re: Working close with interpreters  Jim Tribble at 23:49 on 30 March 2008

Sorry Roberto, "bee in bonnet". Just to mention to get to your excellent website it is not what you have on your posting.

Jim Tribble