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  Re: Do you like a good tune.  Jim Tribble at 11:34 on 03 May 2008

I like that, Neo Populist. The only problem I see with "Neo" is that it is never seems to be applied to music that is taken really seriously.

Terms like Neo classical is usually used to excuse a composers excursions into that past and as such are regarded as just amusing pieces.

I feel we should have a one word call sign, some thing snappy. Look at the terms in the past, "Classical", "Baroque" etc. Even in modern times, "Serial".

I can't think of one at the moment, any ideas?


PS I am going to start a new forum on words

  Re: Do you like a good tune.  NdReaZ at 09:17 on 04 May 2008

I like writing tunes, since I also enjoy playing music with my band. I oftenly write melodies on my compositions, but I don't limit myself with it, yet I still can use another features to make my composition more attractive to the listeners. What I meant by attractive, is not necessarily being easier to access or being popular in any way, but I just enjoy writing music that connects laymen with new atonal music.

In other words, I just find myself can not fit my own pieces into a certain category, whether it's tonal or atonal, whether it's melodic or not. For example, if I wanted to write modal counterpoint, I would write it in an atonal approach so that I can create ambiguity, and if I wanted to write melodies with a certain modes, I would then create a certain system for my modes so that it would sound more personal, at least for me.

So, what is really the problem with writing tune or not? I suppose we can focus on how we treat our initial ideas into something that hopefully new, in order to explore ourselves. And that would include orchestration, rhythm, structure, harmonic relationships between the instruments, sonic textures, and still many others to consider as well.

  Re: Do you like a good tune.  Gary Green at 19:08 on 08 May 2008

At the risk of being laughed at, I really enjoy Troika from Prokofiev's 'Lieutenant Kije suite'. I just have an emotional attachment to it... Yes, I know, you all think it's because I believe Father Christmas is coming... but it just makes me feel positive. Some will say the tune's a bit rinky-dink and cheesy, but I'd disagree. The harmony of the most memorable theme just seems so simple - a vague single pizzi. chord at first with the tune. I know I'm simplifying things, as it's the arrangement including the percussion that has an impact too and it does build the harmony in later passes of the tune, but just the basics work well for me too.


  Re: Do you like a good tune.  bobbie at 17:53 on 10 May 2008

hi! i just found this website -- my answer is YES -- i very much prefer tonal music, i.e., a good tune! i've had a 'block' with my composing for some time now and i suspect it's in large part due to thinking i 'should' be writing more modern (aka: atonal) music when that isn't what i have 'available' in my heart --if that makes sense.... --- key seems to be being true to one's self rather than popular opinion. you can listen to excerpts from my 'suite for piano' on the myspace link i provided in my profile to get a general idea of where i'm coming from musically. looking forward to 'meeting' everybody -- and i hope i put this post in the right place!!! bobbie

  Re: Do you like a good tune.  Jim Tribble at 00:59 on 11 May 2008

Welcome to the club. If you would like to have your compositions tried out try the forum "what do you play would you play".


This 35 message thread spans 3 pages:  < <   1   2  [3]