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  Seeking your help  James McFadyen at 22:27 on 21 February 2008

I need your help!

At Devilish Publishing, we get around 2000 visits a month, yet virtually all visitors are shy.

That's to say, we have a voting system on all our publications, but not many visitors are placing their vote. So please, if you have some spare time, come see what music we have, you can listen to them and view a sample and then please vote accordingly.


Happy voting! Thanks in advance!

  Re: Seeking your help  Jim Tribble at 23:32 on 06 March 2008

This seems to be a common fault. I have had my website with my music on for 2 years and have had many thousand hits but no comments although I ask for them. If you like commenting (constructively) good or bad please see my site on. I will look at your site.