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  Intrasonus Spot Project  ruska02 at 19:09 on 19 February 2008

Following the Manifesto here is the second and probably more concrete initiative of our group.
Please all the people interested do contact me directly or post a message here

The Intrasonus Spot Project

The ISP (Intrasonus Spot Project) is a central focus in our research and production management.

The goal is collecting a number of composers - basically working in the European Union- interested in creating an alternative to the “one shot” performance of their works.

In addition the ISP collective is deeply concerned about the great effort that many good performers have to dedicate to the study of new works often without having the opportunity of presenting them more than once.

More than one artist was forced to starve artistically and economically only because he is simply away from the major streams of few well known institutions.

ISP is devoted to host some composers - possibly one from every country at the beginning- who are interested in creating an Intrasonus Spot in their country. They should provide at least one performance per year of a twin concert of ones taking place in Venice during the year.

Creating an ISP will allow to increase not only the circulation of the compositions and the performers but it will also provide the creation of an international net capable of raising new collaborations and new connections.

The further step is the creation of a net capable of transmitting through the Internet all the events and giving the chance to all the interested people to join, download, contribute, develop and diffuse this new “stream” in the classical contemporary music

All the interested people are kindly invited to join the master classes and show their projects; they will be given the directions to create their local Intrasonus Spot.

Roberto Rusconi Composer

  Re: Intrasonus Spot Project  lawes at 10:52 on 20 February 2008

Thanks Roberto, its a good idea/project, particularly for UK towns/cities (not much contemporary music about). Re the manifesto, ive got a bit further with it but it is turning into a contract (taken all the emotion out of it and made it more matter of fact, a bit too Anglo-Saxon perhaps, "reserved").

Incidentally [hope I dont derail the thread] I heard a string quartet of yours recently, "Il Sogno di Empedocle", performed by the JACK quartet, Its a "good`un" (I like the contrast between the pizz sections and the arco stuff, some clear shapes which get developed and makes the piece quite approachable in my opinion, also an interesting treatment of that melodic line, sounds like a surreal quotation, to me anyway)

I hope you dont mind me linking to it (i`ll edit the post if you do), its a free DL...
(three other pieces to DL also, the Lachenmann is worth a listen if anyone is interested, great gestural piece)

Would be great to see music like this performed more often in the UK (not just in London)

I will do what I can to support the ISP (im just a composer though, not a promoter so have limited influence/contacts)

  Re: Intrasonus Spot Project  ruska02 at 11:00 on 20 February 2008

Thanks very much ...this is the answer we need..please do consider trying to organise events and exchange
in UK...Professor Thomas Simaku is breaking the ice in York and we are going to perform a work of his and he is going to repeat the concert next year in York. Things are developing on a daily basis...thanks for the help about the manifesto...please do whatever you feel like with the link...and propose us some works of yours we are waiting as we are waiting for a response by all the compositiontoday members..

roberto rusconi composer