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  Hello Guys  kbford at 17:02 on 13 February 2008

Hi guys, my name is Kevin.
I am a composition student and percussionist from the US and I am new to the site.

  Re: Hello Guys  Gary Green at 20:57 on 13 February 2008

Hi Kevin. I'm fairly new to the site too. Finding lots of useful stuff on it though. Have you set up a showcase page yet?
Cheers, Gary

  Re: Hello Guys  Jim Tribble at 19:32 on 20 February 2008

Hi I am fairly new as well. I have a website that has tuned percussion pieces on it for free please let me have some feedback if you do look at the pieces. I am genuinely interested and would love to work things out to be more effective.


  Re: Hello Guys  comeasyouare99 at 23:01 on 27 March 2008

Yeah, hi Guys from me as well. Im a Danish composer so forgive me if I sometimes mess up the spelling or grammar. Got my diploma 1996 from the Royal Academy of Music in Copenhagen. Just a plain boring question: I just transfered to PayPal, getting a full menbership. When does that activate? Paypal says in two-three business days. Guess thats it and thats that.
Anyway. Im always looking for grants and composition competitions as my work on a second commisioned opera turned my life into a road movie. So I need to be able to access the Competition, Jobs and Opps category.

This site looks great. I recently signed in on
Thats okay too. Still, this site seems more serious.

Take care out there.

Skovgaard, composer.

  Re: Hello Guys  Gary Green at 08:26 on 28 March 2008

Hi Skovgaard
I think my full membership was activated within a day.
Think I'll have a look at too.
All the best - Gary

  Re: Hello Guys  comeasyouare99 at 15:25 on 29 March 2008

Thanks. I allready got my full membership confirmed yesterday. Very effective! - I must say.