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  Sibelius Expert Needed  sizzler52 at 21:20 on 01 February 2008

I have recently completed a Piano Concerto lasting about 21 minutes in total. It is written via midi originally in Cubase and has been mastered to CD.

I now need to get the score and parts typeset in Sibelius preferably and do not have much experience of the programme.

Is there anyone out there, or any who knows where to go to find someone who does this sort of thing please.

I have of course all the original midi parts which i can go through 'make them sterile' in terms of note length accuracy etc ready for importing in to Sibelius.

Any advice would be welcome.

Here hoping

Thank you

  Re: Sibelius Expert Needed  jmmmp at 17:48 on 07 February 2008

Hi Sizzler,

I am an experienced Sibelius user, and I work as well for private composers as for major publishers - Chester, Editions Wilhelm Hansen, ...

I work usually in the area of modern classical music. If you need something, you can give me a call.

Best regards,

Joćo Pais