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  sibelius  Matthew at 19:10 on 24 January 2008

Is this site okay for downloading my music onto mp3 then transferring it onto this site?
The programs are quite expensive though?

  Re: sibelius  piargno at 05:13 on 26 January 2008

Can you make the question clearer? You want to TRANSFER your music to mp3, and UPLOAD it to the website? And are you talking about the computer programs used to do such a thing?

If this is accurate: Transfering your music to mp3 and putting on here is wonderful. As you can see through the homepages (you can use mine as an example: )

These are all mp3s. The longer files are compressed mp3s. As long as it's under the maximum file size, then it's okay, but if you want to put a lengthy piece, then you have to compress the file.

The program I use - because I have a PC - is called Wavepad Editor, from NCH software. You can download a trial version of it here:

I love it. It's really easy to use, and it does everything that "Peak" (a Mac program) does. If you have a Mac, then I think using Peak would be easiest. I think Peak is pretty expensive, but if you don't want to purchase a program, then downloading the free trial of Wavepad editor, and doing what you need to do, is probably the easiest thing, and the price (free) is definitely right.

I hope this helps! Any questions, feel free to e-mail me.