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  Music publishing  Matthew at 13:49 on 23 January 2008

My music is still in manuscript form does anyone know any good music publishers that can publish my works fairly quickly and how much does it cost? Or is their a music publisher on the internet who is willing to publish my music there and then?

  Re: Music publishing  Account Closed at 14:43 on 29 January 2008

Do you want someone to typeset it for you, or do you want a company to publish it? What are the pieces in question?


  Re: Music publishing  Matthew at 15:50 on 29 January 2008

I would like someone to typset for me if that is possible as at the moment I am writing out all the parts manually/myself and it does take sometimes a day even more to write all the parts but if their is an easier way then I am all for it!

  Re: Music publishing  Account Closed at 18:02 on 29 January 2008

If you are interested in having someone typeset the works, then drop me an e-mail

  Re: Music publishing  Viola at 21:51 on 11 February 2008

Likewise, I am a freelance music engraver. If you need a CV, email me on CT email.

  Re: Music publishing  ulrichburke at 06:28 on 22 February 2008

Dear Matthew.

Go to and get Music Maestro. It's the best notation package ever, I use it all the time, you'll find you can write a score in no time with it. It's just like using a word processor, you've got cut/copy/paste, the lot. Download the freebie/save disabled version to see what it can do.

It costs about 60, but will save you LOADS because you can export the pages of notation directly to the Web! Or print them out. And you'll know what they really sound like (on GM sounds, it doesn't have its own samples) as opposed to hoping the piece sounds like what's playing in your head.

No, I don't work for Voyetra. This isn't SPAM. It's just a great tool to use and I personally find it better than the other notation packages because it's totally intuitive, it works with you. Try the demo and you'll see what I mean.


  Re: Music publishing  James McFadyen at 10:36 on 22 February 2008

Speaking as a publisher, I feel I might be able to offer you some advice.

First of all music publishing is not about getting music published quickly just for the sake of being 'published'. Secondly, you should never pay someone to publish your music. These so-called publishers may boast that you get to keep 100% of the copyright but that only means that they are not really publishing the work at all but are acting as distributing agents on your behalf. There is a monumentally huge difference, especially when it comes to administration and collecting royalties.

As for internet publishing, this opens up a minefield of issues and only the most business-savvy people should venture out into. You could try things like but in all honesty, they serve little more than extra advertising. I wouldn't expect big things from internet publishing sites that are more like distribution networks.

If you take your music seriously and you want others to take it seriously, approach publishing companies you think might be interested in your score(s). These needn't be the majors; sometimes it's better to go with an independant publisher.

Find the publisher that's right for you, send them some music. A quick google search is all that's really required.

Just to comment on the use of Voyetra's "Maestro" typsetting software, I can't possibly say it's the best, however for 60 you do get very good quality. At Devilish Publishing, we're using LilyPond now, a hardcore engraving program, not only do we think it's the best, but our customers and composers do! Must be a good thing, surely!

Anyway good luck to Matthew on finding a suitable publisher for your work.